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Im 17 and converted to listening to mid 60's to late 70's music a long time ago, trust me thats where the pure gold stuff is. If you don't think so, stop waisting your time on this site. second, there is nothing wrong with being a lesbian.Put some Creedence and Doors in your ears, then you'll know what I mean. I agree with some of you regarding the beat - it is very catchy - the beginning has hints of .. You get annoyed about someone using the word 'gay' in a negative way. i am not a lesbian, but the courage it must have taken katy perry to write and sing that song is amazing because people like you don't except the way that she or people who are gay/bi/lesbian are.She is not declaring anything with this song and even if she did, who cares?

I'd hit it til it's swollen, ice it down, and hit it again ... It is a mid-July weekend, and in my little rented house in Bridgehampton, New York, I am glued to the TV, indifferent to the fact that it is now past two in the morning.Electric with attention, I'm unable to take my gaze off the screen in front of me, where all manner of artfully shot graphic sex is taking place.Kiss a girl maybe you should try it and then tell me if this song sucks!! it's because of crap songs like this that I dont listen to the radio anymore. Kids, if youre reading this...listen to older music.I mean, who gives a sh-t if this (morbidly untalented) chick kissed a girl?? 14 yaer olds devour this kind of sh-t and it makes me rather peevy, only because Im extremely passionate when it comes to music, and let me tell you this is definately not music, its bullsh-t. She makes Christian albums, and no one knows who the hell she is. She starts writing songs about calling a dude 'gay', and kissing girls! Anything before the mid-90s, when the pop music demographic started being 12 yr olds.first off brittany, don't use "gay" as a negativity.

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Although Christine has moments of vulnerability, such as when, fearing for her safety, she installs video cameras in her apartment, she seems mostly impervious to the anxieties and conflicts about human interaction that beset the rest of us.

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